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Open and Hold


The “Open and Hold” move and the down pathway can be considered the alternative or atypical move is agile coaching. The “Open” step in this move of the model indicates an opening up of the conversation so it can go deeper than simply telling or showing clients what to do. Coaches using this step of the model need to be able to talk with an open mind (put their opinions aside) and deal with their own emotions in order to make room for what the client thinks and feels.

Once the coach has opened up the conversation, they then “hold the space.” Hold means not talking over the client, not giving opinions, and not judging what the client is sharing. By holding back your “stuff,” it allows the client to express their thoughts and feelings without fear (of judgement). The coach holding back allows room for the client’s thoughts, feelings, and opinions; this supports co-creation of the new, better way of working.

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