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The Responsive Agile Coaching model is a flow-based approach to conducting agile coaching conversations. The model is made up of four moves.

Moves are not static but collectively combine to form the flow of an agile coaching conversation; here are the four moves:

1. Sense then Respond to what the client needs.
2. Tell or Show clients how to apply agile.
3. Open and Hold the space for deeper conversations.
Await then Co-create new ways of working.

The last element of the model is an end point, which is made up of a single step—to Embed the change as a better way to work.

The four moves together with the two conversation pathways help agile coaches navigate conversations to the end point. In the “across” pathway, the coach will Tell or Show the client how to do agile.

The “down” pathway involves deeper conversations where the coach will Open and Hold the space to support clients to enter into a dialogue with the coach. Once in the Open and Hold move, the coach will then Await for emerging ideas before moving to Co-create the new ways of working with the client. Prior to choosing a pathway, the agile coach Senses there is a coaching moment, considers what will best serve the client and the situation, and then Responds accordingly.

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